Scholastic Family Tutoring

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Scholastic Family Tutoring is a relatively new small education business designed to cater to your tutoring needs. If your child or someone you know needs help in a few things, we are the ones to call.

Through us, they will learn how to study for quizzes and tests. We will always try to make sure to teach them how to become self-reliant in their own studies. In other words, they will be able to do their homework and study for tests on their own on the days they do not have tutoring. Eventually, they will not be so reliant on their tutors, and they will succeed in their subjects. They will definitely be able to have an easier time with their studies and as a result, appreciate their subject more. We always teach our students self-confidence. We also try to promote the reasoning behind the information as opposed to simple memorization or rote learning. While the student may not need to apply all that he/she has learned from a subject in real life, learning these subjects can help with organizational skills and learning how to critically think for themselves.

For music lessons, we will do our best so that the student will truly understand how to play pieces. We are flexible on what genres that the student may want to learn. Different styles can be adapted to how the students want to learn music. Learning music if very helpful as it teaches them to focus, hand-eye coordination, the ability to learn from constructive criticism, among many other things!

We can come to where you are, or if you feel more comfortable in a public venue such as a library or Starbucks, we can meet at those locations as well. Please contact us if you have any questions and so that we may be able to discuss your concerns and possibly schedule an initial meeting.