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Pay As You Go


Depending on the subject(s), the prices for standard hours of tutoring on a “pay as you go” basis can range from $30-$40/hr.

With “pay as you go,” there are no long term commitments, and you pay at the end of every week after the tutoring sessions are done for that week.

Discounted Rates


If you are willing to prepay for a certain number of lessons, you can get a discount ranging from $26-$36/hr. With discounts, one can take advantage of the lower prices to have tutoring that one may have needed for an extended period of time anyway.

Unlike most other tutoring companies, you would only prepay for a part of the package rather than the entire thing. The rest of the money would be paid on a “pay as you go” basis.

There is a terms of service that one must sign to make sure that you and Scholastic Family Tutoring understand everything that will happen during our time together. This won’t tie you down at all as it is just simply informative. We will inform you on everything you need to know, and if you have any questions, you can always ask us.

The reason for these price ranges is because some subjects are generally not as demanding as other subjects. For example, 3rd grade spelling is not as difficult to learn and to tutor as high school Physics. Depending on the subject matter, the rate will vary.